Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Have Been Busy and Now We Are Tired

This sleep training stuff is kicking me in the head. I hope we are getting somewhere. So far it doesn't feel like it and I'm forgetting why I started this in the first place. The boy plowed into my room this morning at 5 am and said forlornly, "Mama, I don't want to be a-yone (alone)." Meh.

My little guy is on spring break from preschool (He only goes twice a week for a whopping total of FIVE hours a week...why does he need a break from that?) so we were able to attend a little 5 y.o. buddy's (and his two sibs) birthday party today. My boy was too nervous (and sleepy) to eat his lunch or dessert but he enjoyed playing with his friend. By the end of the party he had the blind stares and crawled up onto my lap to watch the kids open their presents. He's young and hasn't been to a lot of parties yet so the concept of giving someone else presents that you yourself want is a bit of a challenge for him. I had explained several times in the days prior to the party that we give the birthday kids the presents and then when it's his birthday he'll get presents and they won't. Every once in a while he'd ask, "But what are they going to give me at the party?" "Lunch! and cake! and you get to play games! and maybe they'll have a gift bag for you at the end? but this is for your buddy, not you, your turn will come." When his friends (3 siblings) were opening their gifts the boy was watching intently. Each of the 3 kids thanked him for the cards he'd made and for the presents. He piped up, "You're welcome! I made dem myself!" and then he went back to staring off into sleepy space. The kids continued to open presents and would exclaim "thank you!" to the other gift givers and each time my boy would pipe up "You're welcome! I picked out da stickers!" or some such thing. He thought they were thanking him each time. It was comical. He rallied just long enough for some nunchuck whacking and then we had to head home for a nap.

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