Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We worked hard to make today a good day. TB and I putzed around in the yard this morning: Mowing, watering plants, picking strawberries, unwinding and rewinding hoses, and "poisoning" ants with our top secret solution (water, dish soap and baking soda...shhhh.). TB took an early but long nap (which I may regret tonight?) and was his energetic and chatty self when I finally woke him up. I took him out for frozen yogurt and then grocery shopping. For him the grocery store is almost as fun as the mall as he loves to investigate all the different fruits and vegetables and look over all the seafood behind the butcher counter. Today's big discovery is green squash looks very similar to cucumbers but you can tell the difference by their stems. Riveting, I know but he eats that kind of info up.And then the best thing ever happened...DH came home from work and took TB outside to run around while I unloaded groceries and made dinner! Woot! Another adult in the house! Sooo nice to have him home. Soooo nice to work on a grown up task without having to say, "I'm almost done, give me 10 more minutes and then I can look at your lego guy," or some such thing.

Little dude is super verbal but he still has trouble pronouncing some sounds like L's, Th, and R's. And he has some creative toddler speak too which I love. I want to start writing some of it down as I know it's just a matter of time before he starts correcting my grammar. Words to remember: Whep whipe. As in "I have shomesing on my figh (thigh) and I need a whep whipe to cwean it off."

TB watering random stuff. He went outside with pants on but
decided they were unnecessary for today's tasks.

Daddy's home! Woot!

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