Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sleep Training Update

Last night was a rough one. I must have walked the boy (here on out known as TB on the blog) back to his own bed a dozen times between 1:45 and 3:45 am. I tried so hard to stay neutral, boring and not engage but there was definitely more conversation than is suggested by the well-rested experts. I walked him back to choruses of "I don't want to be a-yone", "Mama, this is hard (to which I agreed)", "What time is it now?" as well as "I have to go potty (I helped him try to go twice during that time)."

The good news is:

1.) I was able to stay consistent (Instead of pulling him into my bed or laying down in his which holy cow I so wanted to do that. To just give up for the night. One night of going back to the old way wouldn't be so bad would it? Yes, yes it would. I know but man I wanted to convince myself otherwise.)

2.) He did not like being put back in bed each time but he did lay back down each time and at least fake an attempt at trying to settle down.

3.) Around 3:45 he finally decided I was serious about this ending with him asleep in his bed and me asleep in mine and he gave up and fell asleep in his own bed by himself. This is a major victory that we can refer to and build up from here on out.

4.) He is learning to tell time. He has a clock that glows green at 6:30 am letting him know it's morning and ok to get up for the day. At 6:30 this morning he came barreling into my room and whacked me awake with his Spiderman cuddle buddy.

5.) DH (dear husband) is back in town and he can give it a go tonight while I try to catch up on some Zzzzz's.

Oy Vey, this is going to be a two cups of coffee day.

(Celebratory cinnamon rolls. We are going to milk this paltry success for every ounce of motivation possible!)

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