Wednesday, March 20, 2013


According to TB, this was the Best Day Ever. He's an effusive little guy. He claims dinner is the Best Dinner Ever! often, and Mama is the Best Cooker Ever!, not to mention each adventure is the Best Adventure Ever! I love it each time he says it though as in that moment he believes it to be true.

The day was getting away from us. I had told myself, "Self, today you MUST unpack the remaining boxes in the kitchen." But I don't like to be told what to do, even by my self. This is complicated. I know. Anyway, so I wouldn't let myself do anything fun because I hadn't unpacked the dang boxes but yet I wasn't unpacking boxes either. So, here we stayed doin' nothin'.

Have you hung out with a small child before? How about a small, only child? Only children expect their parents to PLAY with them...all the stinkin' time. If you do not play with them and cannot trick them into playing by themselves and refuse to turn on the babysitter t.v. then your precious child will start to cause trouble in order to get attention. In the biz we called this negative attention seeking behavior. So, the ornery was picking up and I decided to stick my tongue out at Self and get outta the house (I did not actually stick my tongue out at myself. I just imagined that I did.).

We packed a quick lunch, filled our thermoses with ice water, threw in a new kite and hit the trails via bike and trailer. Mama got some exercise, boy got to climb and throw rocks and eat a picnic, and then I put together his kite and taught him how to do it. This part of the itinerary was all his idea. There is NO wind today. None. And I told him this as we were packing up our gear, and I told him this again as I was demonstrating how to fly a kite, and I may have mentioned it again during his first attempt. But he was having fun and then I began to see it as a way for him to burn some extra energy so I may have actually encouraged a few more passes thru the desert just to be sure he really understood the mechanics of kite flying. I'm hoping for a solid night of sleep for both parties involved tonight. Is that wrong?

Our sweet ride.
My heart.

Picnic with my beautiful boy.

Winded and windless. Keep trying, son, you're getting it! Heh heh heeee.

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