Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unpleasant Baked Goods

It was early morning, my countertops were clean and I had a surplus of lemons in the fruit basket so it just made sense to whip up a batch of lemon scones. Rather than face the mess of an office to dig out my recipe binder I searched google for a basic recipe and followed it.

My suggestion: Avoid this recipe. It tasted like a mouth full of flour with a sour aftertaste. Not good and definitely not worth the calories. We tasted and then tossed them.

Since having my son baking has become my creative outlet. I used to enjoy arts and crafts but if I sit still now he is up in my space wanting to help or pleading with me to "pway shomeshing" with him. To everything there is a season. I will be able to curl up in a corner and crochet or embroider soon enough. For now I bake and stockpile craft supplies.

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