Thursday, March 7, 2013

How it Goes

Last night the boy stated he needed cinnamon toast for breakfast and he wanted to make it himself. This morning he did just that. Then he cried because he didn't get to put the cheese on his eggs.

(that's a lot of cinnamon, son.)

He never did rally. The boy was fit to be tied from morning 'til night. I tried all manner of things to distract him from his mood. In the end there were a couple of smiles while playing in the yard this evening and he forgot himself for a few minutes during dinner when I played his current favorite band's CD, Maroon 5.

(he needs to work on his bubble blowing technique; he blows on the wand thru clenched teeth so the force of air is too weak to make a bubble. one more thing not going his way today. poor kid.)

(thank you, Maroon 5, for encouraging this impish smile on my cranky boy today.)

Here's to days you just can't win. Tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it.

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