Friday, June 14, 2013

Never Enough Storage

TB and I went to Ikea today. I've been meaning to get there for months but in my mind it is far away from my house and the store itself is overwhelming due to size and their self-service warehouse deal. Turns out it's really only about 20 minutes from my house. If you take the right exit from the highway. Which I did not. And the store IS big but if you go during the week the crowd isn't that bad. TB and I had not eaten lunch so the first thing we did was go upstairs to the restaurant. Buffet is not my favorite way to dine but TB loved the adventure of pushing our tray around and looking at the food before ordering it. He also got a kick out of picking out which table he wanted to sit at and which chair suited him best at the table. We had the afternoon to kill so it was fun to indulge him.

I need to come up with some sort of toy storage solution for our family room and I thought the Trofast frame might be just the ticket. I was hoping to purchase the pine color as it seemed easy to paint but alas they were out of stock and not expecting to get them in for at least another month. I decided to do some more research on painting laminate before settling for the white.

I was thinking of painting it dark purple and getting the green baskets. Wish they had clear or black baskets instead.

I love this cart and the color but I have no place for it in my home. I did not buy it but I'm trying very hard to find a reason to go back to get it.

I love this color! It would go really well in my guest bathroom. Too bad there's no room for it in there.

Here's what I did come away with:

Yet another step stool for TB, Hanger for scarves, Child size chair in green, Plastic plates and bowls.
And here's a pic of TB thoroughly enjoying his chocolate cake after lunch. I hand him napkins at least a dozen times during meals and yet he still uses his shirt to clean his hands. Crazy making.

Cake was meant for sharing. TB disagreed.

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